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The Steel Marketplace Business Directory is a comprehensive listing of businesses in metal forming, custom fabrication, design, stamping, tube and pipe fabrication, welding, prototype services, etc. These companies may be able to offer their services and/or expertise to help you in your daily business operation. To find the type of service or application that you require, you can search by the company name, service keywords, postal code and even by Province.

The Steel Marketplace Business Directory is open to manufacturers, and distributors of consumables, supplies, new equipment, and tooling, as well as fabricators and companies that provide services to the metal forming and fabrication industry in Canada.

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CIM Metals Inc.
CIM Metals Inc.

Since 1992 we’ve been the dependable business partner for companies that want to prototype new plate components, reverse-engineer an existing part or subcontract short production runs in days rather than months.

CIM Metals Inc. is familiar with the pressures of time and money in many vertical markets including petrochemical, automotive, aerospace, and fabrication.

Our speciality is a very rapid turnaround on parts cut by microplasma, laser, and water- jet technologies. And we stock, or have rapid access to virtually every material in every thickness you’ll need to make that special part. Bring us your problem and we’ll deliver a solution faster than any other company in our industry. We live by the motto “Cutting to Perfection”.
L7P 1A1
2312 Industrial Street, Burlington, ON
Hodgson Custom Rolling Inc.
Hodgson Custom Rolling Inc.


Our goal is to be our customer’s first choice for steel plate rolling, brake forming, and structural steel rolling. We strive to continually exceed our customer’s expectations through excellence in quality and service while providing a safe work environment for our employees.
L2H 3L1
5580 Kalar Road, Niagara Falls, ON
Westway Machinery
Westway Machinery

The Canadian Leader in Press Brakes, Ironworkers, Metal Shears, Saws, Benders, Cutters, Rolls, Notchers, Punches, and More.

Whether you’re looking for press brakes, ironworkers, roll benders, or any metal-forming and fabrication equipment in Canada, Westway Machinery is committed to delivering superior solutions for customers through our expertise, large inventory of new and used equipment, and dependable service.  Let our highly trained staff help you find the right machine for your shop.  Please see our extensive list of products.
TF: 1-800-803-9999
L5A 2X1
2370 Cawthra Road
Mississauga, ON L5A 2X1
Stevens Machinery
Stevens Machinery

Stevens Machinery specializes in the sales and service of new fabricating machinery.

Our mission is to provide the best existing metalworking machinery available in the market, to give advice in our field of expertise to our customers and build long-lasting relations. To stay competitive in this ever-changing world market for the benefit of our customers, partners and providers.
TF: 1-866-798-3611
M9V 2L5
2 Royalcrest Rd, Etobicoke, ON M9V 2L5
Neiman Machinery
Neiman Machinery

Neiman Machinery Sales Inc. in Newmarket Ontario is your full-service Canadian supplier of high-quality metal fabricating machinery. As a full-service dealer, Neiman Machinery Sales Inc. offers both new and used metal fabrication equipment, new and remanufactured parts, and full machine service and training from our qualified and experienced team of service professionals.
TF: 1-800-898-4106
L3Y 7B3
395 Harry Walker Parkway North, Unit #12
Newmarket, Ontario, Canada, L3Y 7B3
Ferric Machinery
Ferric Machinery

Ferric Machinery was founded in 2008  by experienced people in the fabricating machinery business. Every one of them is an expert in their field and is able to give the best advice on fabricating and metalworking machinery. Buying machinery is an important investment for your company and we are here to help you make an informed decision.
TF: 1-877-337-7424
N3C 0G7
10 Natura Way
Cambridge ON N3C 0G7
Jordan Craig Machinery
Jordan Craig Machinery

We believe that success does not depend upon luck or shady practices, or on double-crossing customers, business associates or friends.

We act toward others as we would want them to act toward us.

We render the best service of which we are capable because we know that success is always the result of conscientious, honest and efficient effort.

We are all in. We want our customers to have the best experience possible with us. We are looking to build relationships and do continued business with every customer.
151 N Main St Ste 203, PO Box 737
New City NY 10956
Brennan Machinery Inc.
Brennan Machinery Inc.

Brennan Machinery specializes in providing expert advice, technical information and machinery to end users through a network of qualified dealers in Canada from coast to coast. Brennan Machinery represents manufacturers providing a sales and technical channel to the Canadian market. We work with dealers across the country to ensure customers get the local support and service after the machine is installed. When you call Brennan we are committed to get you the answers you require and provide information in a timely manner. We understand you depend on your equipment to operate day after day to meet your production requirements and that is why we sell quality products manufactured by quality companies. We give you the support you require when you need it and stock both machines and parts for fast response.
TF: 1-877-271-8316
N5V 4H7
2135 Jetstream Rd,
London, ON N5V 4H7
Machine Solutions Inc.
Machine Solutions Inc.

MSI has been servicing the manufacturing industry since 1990.  We understand the importance of prompt service, especially in break down situations.  In such an event we do our outmost to assist our customers within 24 hours or less. In some cases the problems can be rectified through phone support.  Our qualified technicians can help you identify the issues and provide different options for resolving them
L6T 4M2
211 Wilkinson Rd #8,
Brampton, ON L6T 4M2
Allcut Waterjet Service
Allcut Waterjet Service

Allcut Waterjet Service Inc. was established in 2001, we provide precision
waterjet cutting in this fast-growing machining process.
With our tool & die and machining background, we can quickly understand your specific needs to help you lower the overall cost of your part and reduce secondary finishing with the least amount of material waste.

Allcut is a specialized job shop that is dedicated to personally working with the customer to provide prompt, cost-effective and high-quality cut parts to help keep you one step ahead in this competitive industry.
N2K 2Z2
#1 - 165 Hollinger Cres.
Kitchener, ON N2K 2Z2
Hooper Welding
Hooper Welding

The success of Hooper Welding for over 50 years can be directly tied to the commitment to technological advances and investment within the company.

As customers and their projects continue to demand greater complexity in size, thicknesses, materials and metallurgy, Hooper Welding has continued to support the changing tides of industry. The challenges are met by dedicated people who are ready to innovate and solve the problems associated with the dynamic marketplace. Through the development of procedures, the addition of equipment, expansion of facilities and the investment within our people, Hooper Welding develops a solution that works.
Hooper Welding staffs professionals and experts to provide the best products through its skilled design engineering, drafting and comprehensive weld procedures. The comprehensive technical staff of engineers is capable of providing mechanical design calculations, thermal design calculations, finite element analysis and construction drawings using the latest engineering programs available.
Through the use of a variety of carbon steels, chrome moly steels, stainless alloys, clad product, weld overlay and exotic materials, Hooper Welding has the ability to manufacture to your most stringent service requirements. Years of experience allow hundreds of weld procedures and weld processes to be available at our fingertips. With constant changes to metallurgy, new weld procedures and processes are added on an ongoing basis to support each unique customer and project.
Hooper Welding has a complete staff of professionals capable of handling your every need. From design, engineering, logistics planning to project management, we have the ability to produce and deliver projects large or small to your exact requirements.
TF: 1-888-252-6179
L6L 6L6
1390 Advance Rd.
Oakville, ON L6L 6L6
Silver Star Metal Fabricating Inc.
Silver Star Metal Fabricating Inc.

We are a full service metal fabricator that specializes in stainless steel. As a full service metal fabricator we work with you to design, engineer, prototype, and fabricate your product completely in house. Using our highly skilled workers, high precision CNC machinery, and the best quality raw materials we fabricate high end metal products to your exact specifications.

Above all we want our customers to be pleased with our products and service. With our many years in business we know the value of customer satisfaction.
L5S 1S2
1840 Gage Court, Mississauga, ON
Canpress Metal Fabricators Inc.
Canpress Metal Fabricators Inc.

Welcome to Canpress Metal Fabricators Inc., a leading Canadian manufacturer of custom designed heavy steel fabrications, machinery and process equipment.
L1w 3R7
1610 Feldspar Court, Pickering, ON
Perth Precision Machining and Manufacturing
N5A 6S4
1-291 Griffith Road Stratford, ON
Amber Steel
Amber Steel
N2H 6G1
345 Arnold Street, Kitchener, ON