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Machine Information

Manufacturer: Alpmac
Type: Press Brake
Model: Model C
Condition: New
Quantity: 1
Type of Seller: Dealer


You say you want a 6 axis backgauge with a DELEM DA69T Control, with the ability to import solid works files, upper and lower hydraulic clamping with a 40” backgauge and a larger stroke and an even deeper throat depth? Our answer will be yeah we can definitely do that! Our C-Series press brake is the flagship of the Alpmac brand. It’s meant for those shops that place an emphasis on speed of production. efficiency, and productivity. Alpmac has pulled out all the stops with the C-Series and this is really where the saying “You get more for less” comes into play.  Same as the B series, the available sizes are 4’ to 20’ with tonnages from 40 to 1100. The difference? A 12.2” stroke and a whopping 19.68” throat depth. Coupled with the multi axis backgauge, this is what truly sets the C-Series press brake apart from all other competition in the industry. Our C Series Press Brake is only limited by your imagination and you will be surprised at the money you save with this in your arsenal.

The hydraulic system incorporates two synchronized cylinders and a high-volume pump to assure smooth, quiet operation and maximum accuracy of the ram movement. Stock and standard builds include the Press Brake with DELEM DA66T CNC Control, precision ground and hardened gooseneck punch and 4 way lower die (Upper Punch Clamps hold both American and European tooling), CNC controlled X, R, Z1, Z2 Axis back gauge, CNC Crowning (8’ and longer), Interlocked side guarding, rear safety light curtains and front mounted lasers light guards for maximum operator safety and CSA compliance. Factory ordered machines can be configured with any control or options (See below for a complete listing of standard and optional features available).

  • Delem DA66T Control: The most popular Press Brake control manufacturer in North America. Even novice operators can program and operate with very little experience. Bend accuracy and repeatability are constantly monitored and corrected.
  • Step by step programmable bending
  • Save & recall multiple programs
  • 2 working modes; fully automatic & manual
  • Maximum 7 Axis
  • 17” high resolution colour touchscreen
  • Automatic bend sequence calculation and collision detection
  • Tooling and material library
  • Profile-TL offline software
  • Tooling: Precision ground and hardened gooseneck punch and 4 way bottom die supplied with each machine.
  • CSA Z-142 compliant: Designed to meet Canadian PRE-Start Health & Safety Review (PSR)
  • Safety: All Aplmac press brakes come standard with Fiessler Front Mounted Laser Safety Lights to ensure operator safety.
  • Servo Proportional Valves: German made Hoerbiger valves means years of smooth and trouble-free operation.
  • Clamping:  All our press brakes are equipped with quick release upper punch clamp holders that allow for North American and European Precision Ground tooling to be used
  • Crowning: All C Series press brakes (8’ and larger) come standard with CNC Crowning to compensate for ram and bed deflection.
  • Rigid welded steel frame ensures minimum deflection under extreme loads.
  • Hydraulic cylinders are manufactured from high quality steel and precision honed.
  • Hydraulic pistons are manufactured from forged steel, hardened, ground & chromed.
  • Lower 60mm die holder comes with t-slot to allow for American dies with an outer body dimension up to 2.362”. Bending force is automatically calculated according to material thickness and length
  • Upper beam travel is fully supported by low friction fiber gibs
  • Stroke-depth is measured by high quality, precision linear scales
  • All aluminum X, R, Z1, Z2 CNC-controlled ballscrew backgauge driven with high speed servo motors and drives.
  • Easy glide front support arms with disappearing stops and side supports.
  • Safety interlocked side guards and rear safety light curtains.
  • DELEM Control mounted of ridged swivel pendant arm

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