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Machine Information

Manufacturer: MG
Model: G 3140 V (10 foot X 5.5" Capacity)
Year: 2015
Condition: Very-good
Quantity: 1
Type of Seller: Owner


3 ROLLS PLATE ROLL MOD. G 3140 V (10 foot X 5.5″ Capacity)


G 3140 V
Installed power  HP. 220
Rolls Table length 3,100 mm 122 in
Rolling capacity 140 mm 5.51 in
Pre-Bending Capacity 120 mm 4.72 in
Top roll diameter 940 mm. 37 in
Side rolls diameter 840 mm. 33.07 in
Rolls Rotation speed 5 Mt/min    or  196 IPM
Roll Balancing System Torsion bars
Tilting Side Rolls for cones
Bending Force Ton 2200
Total Torque Kg/DaN 80,000
Rolls  42CrMo/C45
Hardening 55-60 HRC

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