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Machine Information

Manufacturer: Coastone
Type: Tapping Machine
Model: T1212
Condition: New
Quantity: 1
Type of Seller: Owner

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This is a full range machine, able to load full size big format sheet on the table (1250 x 1250 mm).
It has 3 spindles for different threads; each one with own programmable speed and micro lubrication.

Big parts, small parts, big threads (max M10), small threads, thin parts, thick parts (up to 50 kg).

Controlled by Touch Screen.


TECHNICAL DATA                              TapOne T1212

Thread Size                                           M3 – M10

Number of Spindles                              3

Lubrication                                            Micro-lubrication for each spindle

Working Area, mm                              1250 x 1250

Max work piece weight                        50 kg

Max work piece thickness, mm           12

X axis positioning speed, m/min          60

Y axis positioning speed, m/min          60

Standard Spindle Speed, RPM           1500

Positioning accuracy, mm                   +/- 0.15

Z axis Stroke, mm                                 130

Required Air Pressure, bar                   6

Nominal Power, kW                             2.5

Machine Weight, kg                             850

Machine Dimensions, mm                  1760 x 1850

Control                                                  TapOne TC15

Programming                                       Numerical input/punching machine NC file import

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