OMNI MACHINE INC.: New 3″ UTE (4 Axis) CNC Mandrel Tube and Pipe Bending Machine

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Machine Information

Manufacturer: UTE
Type: CNC Tube and Pipe Bender
Model: US80ED4A
Stock #: OMUS80ED4A
Year: 2022
Condition: New
Quantity: 2
Type of Seller: Dealer


Universal Tool and Engineering (UTE) began their operation in 1979, and since then has become a leader in CNC pipe and tube bending machinery. Their hybrid (hydraulic/electric) series of CNC benders brings together years of proven excellence and is made in America.  Below is one of their best sellers, a 3″ (4 Axis) CNC Mandrel Tube and Pipe Bender that features:

  • BendPro G2 V2
  • BendPro Simulation at the Bender
  • Carriage Boost 
  • Air Conditioned, Spacious Control Cabinet
  • Electrical Power Filtering
  • Electrical Cabinet Isolation
  • Quick Disconnect Proximity Sensors
  • Centralized Machine Lubrication Points
  • External Hydraulic Unit
  • Hydraulic Oil Thermometer Controller
  • Hydraulic Normal & Low-Level Indicator Lights
  • Full Capacity Feed Through Collet
  • Overhead Tie Bars for Pressure Die and Clamp Die
  • Anticipated Mandrel Retract
  • Air Cooled & Water Cooled Hydraulic System
  • Two Hand Cycle Start & Foot Pedal
  • Safety Mat Controller & Safety Mat
  • Remote Service Via Internet


  • Maximum OD x Wall Thickness (Mild Steel) based on 1.5″ Dia:   3.149″ x .118″
  • Maximum OD x WallThickness (Stainless Steel) based on 1.5″ Dia:   3.149″ x .079″
  • Maximum Square Tube (Mild Steel/Stainless Steel) based on 2.5″ Dia:   2.170″ x .083″
  • Maximum CLR (Minimum Pending Tool Design):   9.843″
  • Maximum Bending Radius Difference:   3.543″
  • Maximum Bending Angle:   190°
  • Maximum Mandrel Working Distance from Collet Face:   118.11″
  • Feeding Speed:   23″/sec
  • Rotation Speed:   170°/sec.
  • Bending Speed:   80°/sec.
  • Tude Feeding Precision:   +/-0.004″
  • Tube Rotation Precision:   +/-0.1″
  • Tube Bending Precision:   +/-0.1″
  • Hydraulic Tank Capacity:   111 Gallons
  • Motor:   20 HP
  • Dimensions:  251″ (L) x 100″ (W) x 74″ (H)
  • Weight:   14,600 Lbs.

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