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Drilling is a cutting process that used a drill bit to cut a hole or circular cross-section in solid metal. There are many types of Drills available, such as a large Floor-Model Drill Press, a smaller Bench-Top Drill Press, or even a portable Drill.
Drill Presses are usually sized in terms of Swing.
Swing is twice the throat distance (column to spindle centre).
A Radial Drill is a large geared head drill press where the head can move along an arm that radiates from the column of the machine.
You can drill a large piece without having to reposition the work piece. Radial Arm drills are usually sized according to the diameter of the column x the length of the arm.

OMNI MACHINE INC.,: New Mtecnico Vertical and Horizontal Hydraulic Tapping Machine

Manufacturer: Mtecnico
Model: MHTM-M24

Location: Covina, CA

Gantry Plate Processing System

Manufacturer: FICEP
Model: Gemini

Location: Canada


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