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A Laser in terms of metal fabrication is a machine that uses a highly concentrated beam of light to generate enough heat to pierce and cut. Based on the principle of light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation, laser machines generate waves of light that are consistent in phase, frequency, and direction of travel; the light is described as being correlated, coherent, and collimated. Although the metals industry initially relied on carbon dioxide (CO2) lasers, fiber optic lasers (which are more efficient and cost effective) are being used more frequently.

OMNI MACHINEINC: New 2kW HSG (Single Platform) Dual Drive Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Manufacturer: HSG
Model: G3015B

Location: Addison, IIIinois, USA

OMNI MACHINE INC: New HSG Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Manufacturer: HSG Laser
Model: G3015CIII

Location: Addison, IIIinois, USA

Front view of HSG Laser

Empire Machinery: Alpha Lazer SL Series

Manufacturer: Alpha Lazer
Model: SL

Location: Winnipeg

Empire Machinery: Alpha Lazer Tube & Pipe Cutter

Manufacturer: Alpha Lazer
Model: M Series

Location: Winnipeg

Gen3 G-force 5x10ft 4KW Fiber laser

Manufacturer: Ermaksan
Model: Gen3 G-force

Location: Cambridge

Slag Hog Slat Cleaner Tool

Manufacturer: Slatpro
Model: Upon Request

Location: Canada

Slag Hog

1500 Watt Amada C02 Laser

Manufacturer: Amada
Model: LC1212 Alpha III

Location: Guelph

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